Mount Bromo

Sunrise at Mount Bromo



Mount Bromo is a part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in Indonesia, particularly in Java Island, that covers an area of about 800 square km. It’s not the tallest or one of the tallest mountains in Indonesia because it’s only about 2,300 meters tall, but it’s definitely one of the most famous travel destinations in the country.


From what I heard, driving up to Bromo is pretty easy and you can go by yourself and rent a car when you reach Surabaya or Malang. Since we also wanted to do Kawah Ijen, I decided to buy a tour package for convenience.

I took a flight out from Jakarta to Surabaya and got a hotel for a few hours before meeting our guide at 11:30 PM. When he came, we drove from Surabaya to Mount Bromo area which took about 3 hours and arrived just before 3 AM. When we reached the mount base, we had to switch to a Jeep car because a regular car wouldn’t have enough power to drive through the hills.

Mount Bromo Jeep


It ended up being USD 85 / pax for 4 people for a 2-day and 1-night trip. The cost was not inclusive of flights and not inclusive of the 1-night hotel I booked in Surabaya. Meals were excluded as well.

My flights cost around USD 80 flying into Surabaya and leaving from Banyuwangi, and the resting hotel was about USD 20. In total, the cost was around USD 185 with the meals we got throughout the trip.


I’ve never really been that outdoor sporty type of person. I love traveling, yes, but my travels have always revolved around cities and beaches. I decided it’s time to finally make some changes and that opportunity came last year, October 2017, when two of my really good friends visited from Europe. They wanted something different, so we decided to pay Mount Bromo a visit.


I believe we were there for exactly or almost 24 hours. The weather was cold, very cold. I never thought there’s any place in Indonesia that could have me shivered, probably because of my lack of geography knowledge, but luckily we were warned by our guide prior to the trip so we were dressed for the weather. There were people selling mittens and renting gloves in the area if you didn’t bring any.

When I said we were going hiking to my friends, I lied, because there was no hike to Mount Bromo. If you call climbing a few steps of stairs to reach the summit, a hike, then I guess we were hiking.

After our 5-minute “hike” to the summit, we sat on the ground waiting for the sunrise. If you look up, you can see hundreds of stars and if you’re lucky you might catch a shooting star. There were a lot of people because Mount Bromo has been a very popular destination in recent years, so don’t expect tranquility.

IMG_0289IMG_0290IMG_0293Sunrise at Mount BromoMount Bromo


After the sun had completely risen, we took our jeep and went on to other spots: Whispering Sands and Teletubbies Hills. On our way there, our guide asked if we wanted to ride horses, where you can take nice pictures with Mount Bromo as the background. We didn’t feel like it at that time so we passed and went straight to the “sand dune”.

Whispering Sands is also the name of an Indonesian movie that took setting at the location. Often times when the wind blew, the sand grains would fly around and made noises resemble whispers to passersby, which is why locals named the place as such. I thought it was quite nice and the large open field and vintage color made it a very instagrammable spot, especially if you’re wearing bright color outfits. We took a few pictures and went back to the jeep.

Whispering SandsEn route to whispering sandsEn route to whispering sandsWhispering Sands

The guide told us that the name of our next stop is Teletubbies Hills because of its resemblance with the hills in the show. It only took a view minutes before we reached the place. I tried to picture the hills from Teletubbies but it had been a while since I watched it so I barely remember. It was very green though, and I guess there was some resemblance. The view was picturesque and the wind was cool and the area was very wide so it wasn’t as cramped as Mount Bromo’s area where people were sitting in one location.

Teletubbies HillsIMG_0448IMG_6933IMG_6917


The trip to Bromo was short, and I wouldn’t say I’m impressed. Maybe because I had a really high expectation prior to the trip from seeing people’s pictures on social media. The next destination was Kawah Ijen, but before that, there was a long 5-hour car ride to Bondowoso, where our next resting hotel was. Bring it on!


PS: Most of the pictures here were taken by our awesome guide, Alfan, from @bromoadventour.

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